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Arc shower curtain rod how to install
Dec 06, 2017

The bathroom decoration, many people will choose to wet and dry separation, many people will choose the shower room, but for a long time, people will find that, although the winter warm shower bath, but the hot days after bathing will feel oppressed and uncomfortable, difficult to clean the shower room, shower room door is generally shaped push-pull the easily broken, once broken, repair of trouble, the most important is the shower room, the price is not cheap. Some people will consider installing bath curtains in the toilet, better air permeability, and economic benefits. The shower curtain rod has U type, straight and L type. Among them, most people will choose the L type. So, do you know how to turn the U shower cord? What do you need to pay attention to?

The height of arc shower curtain rod is installed in general about 2.6 meters from the ground, the specific circumstances according to the personal habits and the height of the bathroom, shower curtain rod arc on the need for the installation position of a test, determine the drilling location, make a mark; with a suitable drill holes in the wall, when drilling, let a little bit slightly downward, back slightly to a drill, which can effectively prevent the arc shower curtain rod with pendulous; mount expansion bolt gently smashed into the wall, hit the wall after the nut back into the mouth; circular shower curtain rod of the cylinder according to the quasi packages, directly set into it.

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